Individual Members

A group of scholars and professionals, expert in and committed to stepping up achievement of the UN SDGs and its PRME. In this effort, we are complemented by nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and creative artists who share our commitment to bring forth a more just, sustainable and prosperous world.

Institutional Members

The endeavor we are embarking upon requires creativity, passion and commitment in addition to practical and theoretical business management methods and theories. To enhance the creativity of our services we are establishing close relationships and collaboration with NGOs and creative artists interested in and committed to SDGs.

  • Academic institutions aiming to attract students interested in sustainable business management and intent on building capacity aligned with PRME,
  • Private sector leaders looking for strategies to take advantage of opportunities created because of the SDGs,
  • NGOs or creative artists interested in and committed to SDGs,
  • Investors in sustainability.


Internationalizing of existing programs

Creating international programs


Developing business management curriculum

Business management aligned with UN SDGs and PRME objectives

Qualified Faculty as Visiting Professor

Providing qualified faculty as visiting professor to teach SDG and PRME related topic while assessing and writing their PRME report.

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Implementing progress and performance evaluation initiatives, Developing in-house capacity for SDG and PRME implementation, Offering special elective topic courses, executive seminars and professional workshops related to UN SDGs and PRME objectives.