Academic Consulting Services

Supporting academic institutions to integrate SDGs and PRME objectives

Libra Alliance has the experience and knowhow to help universities incorporate the SDGs and PRME into curricula and operations. Drawing on our broad-based network of educational and technical experts, we are well equipped to advise on the scale and scope of SDG integration, develop and support its implementation, manage the change process and build in-house capacity. We can assist with:

  • Internationalization of existing programs
  • Managing existing international programs
  • Aligning existing courses, curricula, overall programs or an entire school with the SDGs and PRME
  • Providing qualified faculty as visiting professors to teach SDG- and PRME-related courses
  • Establishing processes for reporting on SDG and PRME progress and performance
  • Assessing SDG compliance and preparing PRME reports
  • In-house capacity building by coaching and pairing faculty members with Libra Alliance experts