National / Organizational Consulting Services

Organizational consulting services
Environmental and social issues, and particularly the SDGs, represent an opportunity for all, including businesses and nongovernmental organizations, to meet socioeconomic needs while advancing their own goals. Libra Alliance brings a wide range of experience and expertise—in such areas as organizational process improvement, change management, strategic repositioning and achieving sustainable socioeconomic development—to help organizations capitalize on these openings. We can assist with:

    • Developing SDG integration strategy
    • Providing leadership training and coaching on SDGs
    • SDG impact assessment and reporting

National consulting services
Libra Alliance has extensive skills and experience in advising national governments on how to achieve sustainable socioeconomic development in their projects and operations. We can assist national governments with SDG implementation in such areas as:

    • Analyzing gaps in SDG skills requirements
    • Strategy for developing SDG competencies
    • Developing and implementing plans to stimulate inclusiveness
    • Creating and managing social entrepreneurship initiatives