Individual Members


Mehdi MAJIDI, PhD Mehdi Majidi, founder of Libra Alliance, is a university professor and international consultant on sustainable socioeconomic development.As a professor, he specializes in international business management and sustainable business management.. Instagram Linkedin
Lilac Nachum Lilac Nachum is a professor of international business at Baruch College in New York. Prof. Nachum has researched globalization and multinational companies for three decades, and has taught and provided consulting services. Twitter Linkedin
Isabel Rimanoczy Isabel Rimanoczy earned her doctorate at Teachers College (Columbia University), an MBA from Palermo University and a BA in Psychology from Buenos Aires University. Linkedin Twitter
Ekaterina Ivanova Non-profit management and sustainable development are but some of the interests that are at the heart of Prof. Ivanova’s research focus. Twitter Linkedin
Roland Bardy After a long corporate career working for BASF Prof. Roland Bardy transitioned into teaching and consulting in the areas of sustainable development, leadership business ethics, accounting and supply chain management. Researchgate
Dr. Shirley Yeung Professor Yeung is a professional advocate of SDG and ESG. One of the signature projects is a recent joint exhibition with SYART Founder – Mr. Song Yang in the Fringe Club, Chan Lai-Ling Gallery, Hong Kong, July 24th to Aug. 3, 2023.