Roland Bardy

Professional Profile

After a long corporate career working for BASF Prof. Roland Bardy transitioned into teaching and consulting in the areas of sustainable development, leadership business ethics, accounting and supply chain management.

A leitmotif for him these past few years has been responsible leadership and accountability, both of which align closely to the ideals enshrined in the UN’s sustainable development goals and go at the heart of the mission of Libra Alliance.

Prof. Bardy has published in both German and English on management accounting, leadership and knowledge management, among others.

Some of the articles he has authored include, “Public Goods, sustainable development and business accountability: Macro-micro linkages” (World Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development, link to article)

Prof. Bardy owns a Mannheim-based consultancy called BardyConsult that provides coaching to young entrepreneurs and SMEs in accounting procedure.